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BONG HiTS 4 JESUS is only nominally about drugs, it is REALLY about religion and free speech.

It all started back in 2002 when high school students in Alaska unfurled a non-commercial banner which read sarcastically and defiantly: "BONG HiTS 4 JESUS." Although the banner was not displayed on school property, it was exhibited at a school function. The students stated that it was not original copy, that they had seen it on a snowboard sticker.

School officials punished the students. The reason given by the school was 'promotion of drugs.' Yet, the question lingers as to how far a school can go in censoring non-conforming speech. Does such an oblique mention of marijuana culture invite the school to censure all speech containing it? According to the US Supreme Court, yes, the students could be censored. We think this court decision was a disgrace.

In the balance between condemning an unsavory counter-culture statement which also lampoons religion, and affirming unfettered free speech --which should prevail? Clearly free speech should prevail. Yet, the US Supreme Court got it wrong and sided with the school. It's a famous legal case, also known as Morse V. Frederick, and it is found in all law libraries.

It is our belief that religious expression and political commentary should be allowed in virtually all circumstances. It seems pretty obvious that this was protected speech. Such controversy on the wisdom of such statements is much better handled in the academic tradition of Socratic discussion in classroom --rather than by the high pronouncements of lawyers and judges in the courtroom. Any able teacher could easily defeat the glorification of drugs, on the merits. Any able school administrator would simply notify the parents, and let them also participate in the educational process.

Anyway, this was a landmark case, and it is now possible to buy our tribute to this case, the BONG HiTS 4 JESUS T-shirt, mug, hat (and other accessories). Proclaim to the world the importance of free speech! Take a stand against authoritarianism. Join with cool people all over the world, and get some of this hot and funny stuff!

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